About This Journey

On October 17, 2012, our world in the Kahlig house was changed forever.  My wife, Jasmin was diagnosed with a grade III malignant tumor in her right breast.

For a while, things were surreal and Jasmin and I felt that we simply needed to go back to bed.  However, this was not a dream but a reality.  A reality that we hope will glorify God no matter what.

Jasmin is a 32 year old mother of three: Jack (4), Annie (2) and our third is on the way.  She is expected to arrive around the middle of February.  We have not picked a name so if you have any ideas. . . please let us know.  My name is Jeff and I am the lucky one that God blessed with the gift of Jasmin as my wife.

Before this new path for Jasmin, she loved to be at home raising her children or at the salon cutting or highlighting someone’s hair.  She is gifted in both areas and uses her God given talents well.

Much has happened over the course of the past several days.   My hope is to update this blog frequently to allow our family, friends, and anyone else to follow along on this journey and stay up to date on Jasmin’s status.

PLEASE use this site to offer Jasmin words of encouragement and prayer.  The outpouring of prayers and support has been overwhelming. I can’t describe how it feels.  The Holy Spirit is all around.

Jasmin is just leaving the starting line of this marathon before her.  Thank you again for your prayers and love.  Glory to God.



51 thoughts on “About This Journey

  1. What a beautiful positive site! I love you so much and you are in my church and families prayers daily. You will inspire many with your strength and positivity. You have already inspired me to view my life in a more appreciative way. Stay strong and let us know if you need anything.

  2. We are praying for you and your family. Girl you are very strong and know that God will pull you through. We love you

  3. Jasmin, many years ago I too had cancer and felt for a moment desperate and afraid! I was raising two children alone and that was enough! God brings us through so many things that we don’t necessarily understand but in the end it is what binds us to our faith and our love for our family and friends. The bible says He won’t bring you through anything that He won’t give you the grace to manage and I believe it! Trust in Him, His plan is what we really want and His love and the love of your family and friends will get you through! You are an extraordinary young woman your light is bright and beautiful and I know God has great things for you and your family! My love and prayers are with you and Jeff and your beautiful family!

  4. What a beautiful website! Thank you Jeff for doing this so quickly. This is the best thing for you and the family. It keeps the phone calls to the minimum and keeps everyone current with what is going on. Upon Lindsey’s diagnosis, we set up a Caring Bridge site and it was the best thing we ever did. Jasmine you are blessed with so much support and love from all those around you. The comments left here on this site will be so very important for you and your familly to get you through some of the tough days. The encouragement, inspiration and loving wishes will help fight that nasty cancer and pull you right through to VICTORY! Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Love you sweet lady,

  5. Dear Lord, Help us to see the beauty in each day, Even when we feel so alone or tired. Bless Jasmin with faith to stay strong in her fight, and all her family and friends that need your extra love at this time. We love you Lord and thank you for this family……AMEN

    You will be in my prayers every day, and I know God will bless and heal you.
    John & Kim Kahlig

  6. Jasmin & Jeff, though we hardly see/know each other, we are connected in life and relationship by name/family and so when my daughter told me to check my facebook page to hear the news concerning (Jasmin) your diagnosis of breast cancer, I immediately joined you on this journey–prayerful thoughts to the Father who we trust to hear our prayers of need . . . to the Healer who lived among us and healed the sick . . . to the Spirit who can guide us to embrace the light and love of others as we face each day ahead. Jesus says “be not afraid, I am with you always” and we thank Him for teaching us how to carry our crosses in life.
    Jeff, thanks for giving us (who are off, in the distance) an opportunity to show your family that we care, love, and pray for all of you.

  7. What an inspiration you are. I knew how special you were even when we were doing Ballet in the Owens’ house; a LONG time ago! You have an awesome family and I know tons of support. I don’t know Jeff but he sounds like a wonderful and supportive husband; and he has the same name of MY husband so he can’t be too bad. We will continue to pray for all of you! Love, Angela

  8. Please know that Steven and I will be praying for the strength, peace, and guidance of your family and doctors. He will guide you through this time. XOXO

  9. Jeff I am friends with your sister and I know that you guys have been through a lot in your lives. Everything that God puts I front of you serves a purpose. I know that he along with your family and friends will stand behind you as you go through this journey and come out stronger on the other side. I think this blog is a beautiful testament of how much you love your wife and children. Please know that you have many thoughts and prayers with you during this time. I hope to hear of the healing and happy moments yet to come.

    God bless you all!

  10. Jeff &Jasmine,
    You both are already such an inspiration. What a testimony of love and faith! Jeff, thank you for setting up this blog and Jasmine, stay strong and fight hard…I know you will! You and your entire family will be in our prayers.
    Dustin, Jen, Gage, &Avery

  11. Jasmin – You and your family are in my continual thoughts and prayers. I have always seen you as a strong, confident and courageous person. You will beat this and will be even stronger.

  12. Psalm 4:4 Know that the Lord works wonders for the faithful; the Lord hears when I call out.

    Prayers will be lifted for you as long as they are needed. It is a difficult path upon which you are walking, especially with small babies. God will pull you through…just believe in His mercy and goodness. I know you have so many family and friends there who want to help and be your guide…let them. Thank you, Jeff, for this site so we, who are so far away, can walk this journey with your family. The CaringBridge webpage was a godsend when Jasmin’s nana was in the hospital. And I used CaringBridge when my grandson, Will, battled his cancer to keep everyone close. It is truly amazing what caring words from everyone can do for the spirits! God will bless your efforts for “with God, everything is possible.” Feel the love outpouring and wrapping you in comfort and peace.

  13. jasmin, you are such a beautiful soul. even though we have lost touch over the last few years, I still love my little “D”. I am so very sad to hear this news but I know you are an incredibly strong person with great faith in God. I know you will beat this! know that you are in my heart and on my mind and in my prayers. if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. my number is still the same. 210 317 1064. god bless and take care, lil jaz!

  14. My prayers and strength to you and your family during this tough road ahead. I am sending positive energy to help fight this. My love to you and your family.

  15. Hi Jasmin,

    You don’t know me, but I work with Jennifer (sort of). I am a breast cancer survivor. My heart goes out to you because I know what you must be feeling. From reading what your husband has written so far; I feel certain that y’all will be alright. In our weakness God is Strong and He will carry you through. I’m off on a retreat this weekend and we will all keep you in our prayers.

  16. Jeff and Jasmin….. I know how grounded you both are in the good Lord…..SOOOO…….Get your game faces on ’cause the defensive and offensive lines have not rested since they heard the news. In fact, they are pumping weights, running drills, executing two-a-days and memorizing plays as I type. Game plan still in the works…..but the Lord is the Coach……and he recruited each one of His team members….I hear He rarely makes mistakes. Love and prayers coming your way! Anne and Gary

  17. Jasmin,
    This news hit me hard, it was exactly a year ago today that we found out about Johns cancer and I can’t help but feel emotionally drained to hear that you and your family is going thru this adventure. But please keep that word “adventure” in mind along the way…God is too great to not have a purpose and mission for you all through this! I know I am not your closest friend but you mean so much us, we talk about you all the time (and not just about how funny it was that you were a stand-in best friend and bridesmaid for us:) but how beautiful you are inside and out and about how God has truly gifted you in your career! Please let us come visit you all …I promise we will bring smiles and joy:)

  18. Just now seeing the photo page! Love em. Especially love Jasmin’s smile at the camera and the way Jeff is looking at his beautiful bride.

    You both are well equipped for this journey… Your reinforcements are praying and standing by!

  19. Jasmin and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry to hear this. She is a strong beautiful woman with an amazing support system, I know you all will get through these trying times.

  20. Jasmin, I just spoke with Jeff this morning. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you & Jeff & your children through out this journey. Knowing your faith in our loving and caring God and ours as well, he will be with you & at your side through out this journey. Please know thet Frances & I love you guys and will be here for you & your family in this time of need.
    I shared a similar experience a few years ago and having so many friends caring for my well being and our faith in God and my Doctors, was the reason for my full recovery.
    All of our love and may you continue to walk in the path of Our Lord and Savior.

    Horace & Frances Hill

  21. Jeff, Jasmin and family….please know that we are praying for all of you in a mighty way. We have already seen blessings coming from this journey and will be praying for many more. We are thankful for the friends and family that surround you at this time. I just have to say what a PLEASURE it is to have your sweet boy with us at our school. He is such a joy! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you and your family or if you need us to help with getting Jack to and from school. I hope it will be okay for us to share this with our school family so you can be put on more prayer chains. May you be healed in the name of Jesus and let us all be in agreement.

    Love Ms. Inga and the LTW Team
    Ms. Carla, Ms. Shirley, Ms. Aymee, Ms. Fawn and Ms. Anita

  22. Jasmin-

    Thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! You are a strong, beautiful woman and I know that you will beat this! God bless……

    Lots of Love,

  23. Jasmin,
    My volleyball teams host a “Digging for the Cure” night each season. As fate would have it, this year’s event was the night before your diagnosis. We raised $1520.00 and I wanted you to know that it will be donated to the Side-Out Foundation in your honor. As your coach, I watched you compete and fight all those years ago and know that you will win this race too.
    Logan and I said a special prayer for you last night and will continue to do so.
    Thinking of you, Heather

  24. Jasmin, it has been an eternity since Frank or myself have seen you. I heard about your story, and cannot begin to tell you how much it has touched us. What an amazing, beautiful little family you have! The second I heard of your news, I immediately began praying for y’all. I cannot imagine what has gone through your mind the last week, but I know that you will get through this! Our God has His reasons behind our struggles, and I’m confident that the end result is going to have an amazing impact on not only your life, but for so many others that love you. We may be a few states away, but our prayers will never be far from you and your family. We will be tracking your progress, and quick recovery, and want you to know that you have our support.

    Jeff, what an amazing thing you are doing for your beautiful wife! Stay strong in your faith…there is no such thing as an unheard prayer. Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone posted on Jasmin’s journey. You’re doing an amazing thing.

    God bless your sweet family!

    Frank, Melissa, & Maezy

  25. Jasmin – You will be in my thoughts and prayers daily and I will carry this burden with me until you are cancer free. May God be with you every minute of every day through this storm.

  26. Aunt Jasmin,
    I’m so sorry, I will make sure that you and Uncle Jeff and your children are all in my prayers, it must be a hard time for you all right now, I pray that God will heal you as my aunt, Jasmin, have hope ans faith in God believe he will heal you and he will!! I love you to death and hope you get well I will keep.all of you in my prayers,
    Love to all, Raegan

  27. Jasmin~ I’m continuing to pray for you and your strength. Your phone call with the news hit me like a ton of bricks, and I just wanted to hang-up & pretend it wasn’t true. These past 6 days have been filled with questions and uncertainty, but also with God and his many blessings, little & big. You are such an amazing woman. Watching you run around with your kids, and laugh and play and hug and kiss on them, was an honor for me. They are both lucky to have you as their Mommy! And Jeff~ you have amazed me with your calmness and realness in this new situation. It seems to be just what Jasmin needs in you. You are her rock at home, and I’m praying for you all the time, just as I am for Jasmin.
    So, as everyone has said, we’re here for y’all. In any way you need! Many prayers and smiles going your way.
    Love~ Amber Walters

  28. Jasmin,
    Know that you are in our prayers. The strength you and Jeff are displaying comes only from our mighty God. Struggles are not our punishment on earth, they are God shaping our soul. Many of the finest disciples faced struggles God layed upon them and they simply used them to glorify God and I know that is what you will do. Please let us know if there is anything we can do, if you guys need anything. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

  29. The strength you have in God and your family is incredibly strong – Please know the North Park Family will have you on our prayer list – Knowing Jeff, you have the best support team with him and the Kahlig family – God Bless, lean on your family and friends to win this race. Sandy Small

  30. God bless you and be with both of you on this difficult road. I have asked our Bible Class to add you to our continuing prayer list. Some great prayer warriors there. We can never imagine what God has in store for us, but one of the things I have been told many times is this; Sometimes God afflicts good people so believers AND unbelievers can watch them as they set an example of how to deal with such adversity. I think your strong faith and great attitudes are on display with this beautiful website, and I pray you will reach out to those posting here on those inevitable days when you need a little extra strengh to continue the journey, or even to just take the next step. We will all be here to lift you up.

  31. Jasmin- I’m sorry to hear about ur recent diagnosis , but know that u r & have always been a strong woman. I don’t know u extremely well, but what I remember from A&M days is that u were always positive, uplifting person to be around. You & the rest of the New Braunfels crew were strong in your faith & led me closer to God. These are the qualities that will help u kick this! U & ur family will continue to be in our prayers. I have a very close friend here in Houston who is a mother to 3 girls & she just finished her chemo/radiation/mastectomy . She is recovering beautifully & awaiting reconstruction surgery. If u want her email as someone who has been there I will send it to you. Misha

  32. Jasmin and Jeff,

    You and your sweet family are in our prayers and thoughts each day. We wish you strength and love through the tough days ahead, and from reading Jeff’s posts, it is obvious you have plenty of both. I know you have a huge support system surrounding you, but please know we are just one more family who is happy to help in any way we can. Thinking of and praying for all five of you!

    With love,
    Mauri, Travis, Finn and Fletcher

  33. wishing you the best in your journey! Im so terribly sorry to hear such an awful exerience happening to such a beautiful person as yourself. I pray all is well with your baby throughout this journey. and sending you prayers of strength! I am a nurse, so if there is anything i can do to help, please let me know. Even if it is just helping around the house with household chores, or the children. I offer my help in any way possible. Praying for you guys daily! ~ Donica Thomas-Galpin

  34. I was reading the following text from a book of Spurgeon’s and my thoughts turned to you. “Such is the Father’s love to Jesus that He denies Him nothing…Is it so that when you and I are in real union with Christ, the Lord God looks upon us in the same way as He looks on Jesus and says to us, ‘I will deny you nothing; ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you?’” – Charles Spurgeon I am praying with you, believing that whatsoever we ask of the Father, “it shall be done unto you”. Blessings and shalom. In Christ’s love, John Howarton

  35. Jasmin,
    I don’t know that I have ever met you, but ever since I started doing hair several years ago I have always heard about you, your great talent and godly character. Even though I haven’t met you I feel like I know you. I want you to know that I will be praying for you and your family through this time. I can’t imagine what you are going though, but I can imagine the faithfulness of Christ. He is worthy to put all your fear, anxiety, worry on Him, casting all your cares on Him. Please let’s know of there’s ANYTHING I can do to help!!
    In Him,
    Joi Kimbro

  36. Jeff and Jasmin- Thank you for letting us know exactly what’s going on. The news was such a shock and my mind has been in overdrive struggling to process the reality of it all. The information and pictures help with all the questions that have been running through my mind since I received the news on Saturday. The scripture choices and testaments of your faith are very thought provoking and profoundly inspiring. Jasmine, you are very dear to us, and my family is among the numbers praying for you and your family…You Got This! Looking forward to seeing you soon. BTW- the names “Faith” and “Grace” both come to mind .

  37. Thinking of you today. You two are a blessing to me, as well as great examples of true love. For each other, family, friends, strangers and of course our Strong and Healing God. This blog brings us all together as a congregation of believers, and keeps us united in faith. Thank you for sharing this journey. Jeff if there is anything I can do for you … PLEASE call me. Lea & Larry

  38. It was so great to hear how well Jasmine and Haddie came through the surgery. I have been and will continue to pray for all of you. Love from Maria and Candace

  39. Jasmin, you dont know me but I met you very many years ago when you were just a little girl. I am English and I stayed for quite a while with your Uncle Frank and Aunty Mary. I loved your family, and I think Julianna was the baby at the time. When I married, I loved your name so much I named my first little girl Jasmine. I live in Scotland now, and you can be sure I will be praying for you, and I will enlist my friends and family to pray for you also. I just discovered this blog and realised it was you. Many blessing to you and your family. If God is for you who can be against you ?. Lots of love to you
    Jennie Milne

  40. I stumbled across your website in a search for a bible version to match a verse given in a commentary I am “working through” . (Google will take you to places you never knew, and you will cross the paths of people previously unknown).

    I am touched by your love and affection and faith in the ordeal you have faced together so I want to share just the verse and the commentary on it as I am being led of The Lord. He knows what it will mean to you. Selah.

    Deut. 32:12 “The Lord alone was his conductor, and there was no strange god with him.”

    Whence comes the happiness of this soul — a happiness so unlocked for? It is that God alone has been its conductor, and He alone, and no strange help with him. O poor souls who fatigue yourselves in the multiplicity of your ways, if you knew the happiness of a soul which, without fatiguing itself; rests from all care of itself upon the arms of providence, you would be enraptured at it, and deplore the time you have lost without advancing, although walking with all your strength. — Jeanne Guyon.

    God’s grace be upon you as you are led into this vast and trackless desert of following and depending upon Him.