This time last year, pregnant Jasmin and I were at the Methodist hospital getting a chemo pump removed from the port in her chest. If you recall, her pump was pushing a chemo drug (5FU) that would literally burn your skin if it made direct contact with it.

Later in the afternoon, we were met by Jasmin’s family at the Felger and Friends hair salon. After many loving family members showed their support for Jasmin by buzzing their heads, we then proceeded to cut off all of my wife’s hair. While it was a very emotional day, it was an awesome Thanksgiving!

Fast forward 365 days; We have a ten month old healthy baby girl who has a cancer free mom. I am most thankful for these two miracles this past year. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

The road to where we are now has been paved with many blessings to be extremely thankful for. Thank you Lord for laughter, sadness, spiritual leadership, prayer warriors, clarity, a gifted Oncologist and his dedicated and engaged assistant, a comforting O.B.G.Y.N., an ordered biopsy and the accuracy with which it was performed, hard working and compassionate nurses, second and third opinions, a healthy newborn girl, LOVING family members who did and continue to do SO much, a supportive church body and small group, a super-powered sister-in-law (yes, you are the one I am referring to), home delivered meals, relaxing spa music, wine, perseverance, Jasmin’s Chiropractor, perfect timing, patience (sometimes), caring medical technicians, peace, an understanding boss, selfless friends, the countless rides our children were given to and from school, strangers who reached out, love, a warn out health insurance card and meeting our deductible, fancy scarves, survivors who shared their stories and tips, perspective, deep breaths and exhales, good cries, goals met, a thorough general surgeon who removed Jasmin’s tumor, a calming and talented plastic surgeon, silicone :) , the iPad, Netflix, spell-check, hope, cancer researchers, supportive coworkers, heaven-sent breast milk donors, joy, clear pet scans, encouraging blog/facebook comments and good old-fashioned snail-mail cards, Jasmin’s new hair, potty training, Annie’s laugh, Jack’s heart, Haddie’s smile, early morning feedings, Jasmin’s courage, a loving wife, the Word, and. . . regardless of who I am or what I have done, a loving and faithful God who sent His son to die for my salvation into heaven.

I know there is so much more I have not listed. There could never be a list fully complete. Thank you friends for all of your past and continued prayers.

Please say a prayer(s) that this horrible disease stays away for good.



4 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Wow Jazz n Jeff thank you for reminding me that we can do ‘All things thru Christ who strengthens us’, He alone is our strength and shield and our deliverer,shall we not praise our Saviour who loved us and died for us that we might have such sweet fellowship with Him O let us worship The Christ the King !!! Poopah

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!Your post is a testimony to how he has blessed your family. Thank you for blessing all of us with your faith story! Love, Marla

  3. Praising the God who sent us His only Son as the babe in the manger. Still praying for continued blessings on your family and continued healing for Jasmin. We love you, but for sharing this journey, WE are truly blessed! Love the short hair too, Jasmin. You are looking fantastic :)