It was after lunch on this day one year ago that I received the call from Jasmin. The call where she would share the news that she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.
20131017-101109.jpgIt has been a year and since then and so much has happened. Months of chemo, losing her hair, giving birth to our beautiful daughter, double mastectomy, reconstruction and recovery is a broad summary of the past twelve months.

There have been countless hours of prayer and support she has received from friends, family and our church body. Not one minute of your support was wasted. It is through the power of Christ and your support that has brought Jasmin to where she is today.

Friends, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family.

She was born on March eighth but one year ago today marks the day she became a survivor.

Pet Scan


Tomorrow morning, Jasmin will be undergoing a PET scan. These scans detect cancer cells and will let us know if Jasmin is still cancer free.

Please be in prayer that the scan will come back clear and for us to trust in God’s plan regardless of the results.

Thank you for your prayers,