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As I was rereading some earlier posts, I noticed there was some good news I mentioned I would share at the end of the “Eternal” post. The good news relates to some test results.

Breast cancer can be attributed to genetic traits, environmental factors or a combination of the two. Researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface of the genetic roles in cancer research; however, a lot has happened in just the past five years.

Genetic tests 10 years ago could cost up to a million dollars for what costs around 5,000 today. As a result, genetic testing can be performed more often and research can be performed on the relationships between treatments, outcomes and genetic characteristics.

In Jasmin’s case, multiple doctors agreed that due to her young age, genetic testing would be recommended. The results of the tests can offer a twofold purpose. One is simple to gather more information from a research standpoint that may or may not benefit Jasmin directly. The other purpose would be to give guidance to Jasmin, her sisters and our daughters about the likelihood of cancer in their lives.

There are two tests performed to decide genetic connections to Jasmin’s cancer. The first test is a BRCA test and the second test is called a BART test. The BRCA test’s whether there is a mutation in the BRCA I or BRCA II gene. While the BART tests for a rearrangements within the BRCA genes.

The two tests were described to me this way. Imagine a genetic deck of cards. Within the deck, it is important to have all 52 cards AND that those cards are in the proper numerical order. The BRCA test will tell you if you have some cards missing while the BART test goes further and will let you know if the cards are in the proper order. Recent research has shown that 12% of the time, BRCA mutations can show up as negative even though there are gene abnormalities that elevate a person’s risk of cancer. That is where the BART test helps to dig deeper.

We were hoping that Jasmin did not have any BRCA genetic mutations that were a factor in her triple negative cancer. If she were positive, it would mean that our daughters would have a 50/50 chance of carrying those same mutations. If you carry the mutations, you stand an 80% risk of having breast cancer and a 60% risk of ovarian cancer.

Just this past month, it was announced that a Miss America contestant who is 24 years old is going to undergo a double mastectomy due to results of genetic testing. That article is linked here. A positive result would also mean that Jasmin would probably need to undergo an additional surgery to have her ovaries removed too.

The really good news is that both of her tests came back negative! What a relief, not only for Jasmin, but our little girls, and Jasmin’s sisters and their children too. I thank you Lord for this outcome. I know you are in control no matter what the tests results are. Thank you for this result.

Jasmin has been motoring through her chemotherapy sessions. She had 12 weeks of chemo before Haddie was born and this Thursday will complete her second 12 week chemo segment.

I can’t tell you how amazing Jasmin has done. She has been tired, especially the past month. But that is to be expected due to the cumulative nature of the chemotherapy. All that being said, Jasmin is still getting out of the house and living her life.

Heck, Schlitterbahn has only been open two weekends and Jasmin has been with the kids and I twice already.

Life has gone by very quickly. Haddie has had some bad colic but has really turned a corner in the past 10 days. PRAISE GOD! Jasmin recently told me that dealing with the colicky baby is harder than any chemo. Of course that was tongue in cheek but nonetheless, we are very happy that Haddie is doing better.

Jasmin knows that so many of you still raise her and our family up in prayer. Thank you very much!

Surgery is to follow at the beginning of June and hopefully I will be able to update you with more info on that.

Please be in prayer that the chemo continues to do its work on any cancerous cells that may be left in her body. This Monday, May 13th, Jasmin will be having a full body pet scan to see if there is any traceable cancer in Jasmin’s body. Needless to say, this will be a big day.

Thank you friends for all of your prayers and support.

4 thoughts on “Full House

  1. Jeff, thank you so much for your detailed message about what has been going on. We have been praying for Jasmin and your family daily. We Praise God with you that she has made it through this milestone. We will be praying for a good report on the 13th and that as you wait breathlessly for the outcome you will have the assurance and peace of God that He will shore you up and flood you with His promises of grace and mercy and above all love and healing. He is all powerful and the true deliverer and healer. We trust along with you in His healing hand for Jasmin. All our love and prayers to you both. God bless, Anne and Eddie

  2. Jeff and Jasmin – very relived to hear about the good test results. I will keep praying for you guys. Thanks for the update!

  3. Hi Jasmin – sending lots of love, prayers, and sunshine from California. – Ben, Lisa, and Cooper Cornwell

  4. Hey Jasmin, happy to hear you are coming along so well. Hopefully, you are on the down side now and can have your surgeries and be done. No more cancer! You will kick its butt!!! I think about and pray for you and your family often. I saw the pic you took with Haddie. You both looked beautiful. What a precious picture. Look forward to seeing you soon.