Last week was a whirl-wind.

It began Monday with a follow-up to our oncologist in San Antonio. Jasmin and I with Dr. Drengler to assess the reaction to her chemo treatment given seven days prior.  I will say it again. . . we are so thankful for God putting this great doctor in front of us.

There are several scenarios that could have played out during this visit.

  • Scenario One – The doctor tells us the tumor has grown in spite of the chemo(bad)
  • Scenario Two – The doctor feels the tumor is unchanged in size(better)
  • Scenario Three – The doctor feels the tumor has become smaller and/or is becoming softer in composition(best)

The results of this visit were among the best we could hope for.  Now, we do not want to let our highs get too high or our lows get too low; however, this was a small victory [insert fist-pump here].  The fact the tumor was changing course in it’s direction of growth made me feel so good.  She is “flipping the field” on this cancer and gaining a little momentum in the right direction. . . thank you God.

Momentum is defined as the quantity of motion of a moving body.   When I read this form of the definition,  I thought it was so fitting for what Jasmin hopes to accomplish through this trial.   So much good has already come from this diagnosis.  The prayers Jasmin has received are remarkable.   People from literally around the world have reached out to provide a comforting word,  affirmation of prayer or offering of service. There has been such an adhesion of grace and love for our family I am so thankful for.  Over the past couple of weeks, this blog has had over 12,000 views!  The Holy Spirit is really moving in mysterious ways.  Jasmin’s hope is in the quantity of motion of a moving body of believers in glorification of God.

When I hear Jasmin speak of love and joy in the midst of her challenge,  I am witness to God’s grace and thankful for His unmistakable presence.   My prayer is that the momentum of love and support people such as yourself are creating,  starts an AVALANCHE of glory to God.   A glory that points others to Christ.

Avalanches are crazy if you think about it.   They are basically the combination of snowflakes, gravity and proper timing.  The three come together and join in a momentum that can make an everlasting change.  All from a simple snowflake.

Prayers,  like snowflakes, have fallen all around Jasmin.  The Lord has blessed her with a body that is reacting well to the side effects of the chemo treatments.  Over this past two weeks, she has had very little nausea.  Jasmin fatigues a little, but she has not been slowed down much these first two weeks.  We even made it out to Wurstfest a couple of times WITH the kiddos.

While that was an experience that may make any person pull their hair out, Jasmin’s has remained in tact.  She was supposed to lose her hair on Saturday or Sunday. . . she has not lost it yet.  I feel it is coming soon but this just shows how stubborn Jasmin can be.  Even down to the roots of her hair,  her body is fighting.

Hair or no hair. . . either way, she is so darn pretty.

In preparation for the things to come, Jasmin did some wig hunting this week.  Jasmin’s two sisters came with us to browse several wig shops in San Antonio.  While trying on the wigs, Jasmin had blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, and she even sported some silver/gray hair that did not look too bad. I got a little glimpse of how she might look when we stroll into Denny’s for 4:00 dinner in a couple of decades.  Anyway, after receiving an education on wigs this week, she found a good one she likes and it looks great. . . its not grey.

On Wednesday, Jasmin visited the OB.  All appears well with our little girl.  We will have another ultrasound this week to monitor the fluid around the baby and make sure her home is ready for the next round of chemo.

Jasmin has been working hard to keep that girl fed and appeased.

We then finished off the week with a road trip.  On Friday, Jasmin, Jennifer and I loaded up the truck and headed off to Houston.  We drove east in search for some additional insight from the fine doctors at MD Anderson.   God used many people to open a door for us to visit with some great doctors there and we are so thankful.

The goal of this appointment was to leverage the experience of a specialist to see if there was anything else we could or should be doing for Jasmin and the baby during her treatments.  Now when I say specialist,  I mean a doctor who trained in oncology, specialized in breast cancer and practices with a focus on pregnant patients .   Now that is pretty specific!

We met with Dr. Jennifer Litton around noon.   What we heard from this expert was basically that our great doctors in San Antonio are doing everything possible for Jasmin and the baby.   Praise God for confirmations.

Here is a picture of Jasmin and Dr. Litton.  I am an embarrassing husband at times, but as Jasmin grows bolder with prayer I think I am too.  ;-)

One other neat thing that happened to Jasmin this past weekend was that she received a house-call by some prayer warriors.  Saturday morning, the doorbell rang and a group of women from T Bar M had jogged to our house and prayed over Jasmin and I.  That was really cool.  Thanks ladies!

Friends,  thank you again for your love and support.   We praise God for you.

I have a BIG prayer request for everyone.  Jasmin has been tested for a gene mutation that can exist in certain types of breast cancer.  If she is positive for this type of gene mutation, research shows that our daughters, Jasmin’s sisters, mother and nieces will be considered very high breast and ovarian cancer risks.  I will go into more detail in a  later post.  Please pray this test comes back NEGATIVE. 

Please keep our family in your prayers regarding the following:

- Jasmin’s cancer is totally destroyed.

- Understanding and wisdom for God’s will in this trial for Jasmin and I.

- Peace and comfort for Jasmin as she begins to lose her hair.

- Protection for our unborn baby.

- Peace for Jack and Annie.

- Multiplied time and effectiveness for Jeff’s work.

- Boldness and eternal thinking for everyone involved.

- Joy.

I also want to shout a praise for the 6 years of marriage Jasmin and I will celebrate on Sunday.



34 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Jeff your humility, love, faith and gift for sharing your families’ story is remarkable. I think about how this experience has allowed you and Jasmin to know each other so very deeply and in out of the ordinary ways and what extraordinary people you both are. Your words are such a testament for the strength of your character, the strength of your families and for the gift of our Lord’s walk with each and every one of us. You all remain in my prayers and I a snowflake in the avalanche of prayer, love, courage and strength sent your way every moment of every day.

  2. This is so wonderful. Tears of joy are definently flowing this morning! Continued prayers for this beautiful, strong, & inspiring young lady! Love you J! Keep up the fantastic spirit! <3 <3 <3

  3. Prayers are being said multiple times at our house for Jasmin and the Kahlig family. On a side note Jeff, if the car business gig doesn’t work out for you, I see a future in writing. :-) Very well said, when someone can write words that paint a picture in another persons brain it is a very powerful form of expression. This blog will help others that will have to go through the same thing and it helps knowing that you are not alone. God please aleave their fears and bring them closer to you through this time. Amen.

  4. It was so good to see yall at Wurstfest, all out and about and having a good time! A bit of normalcy in very unnormal times. I wonder sometimes if it isn’t a bit hard to be this sun burning so brightly at the center of all of this. But hopefully you had a few moments to just catch your breath and exist as a normal person at Wurstfest, amidst all the current whirlwind of life. I mean, Jas, as “normal” as a person can be when they are that gorgeous, pregnant, in a dirndl, and surrounded by sausage, polka, and folks in funny hats!

    Thinking of you, yall, and yours!

    Love from all of us!

  5. I love being able to read yor updates and see pictures of your family and friends. Keeps us connected without feeling like I am intruding. Glad to know God has layed his healing hands on Jasmin, and is watching closely over your family. Congrats on your up-coming anniversary……and you know jasmin will NEVER have gray hair !

  6. Yes, Jeff there are people, including (an Order of Nuns) even In Peru praying for the Will of God in your family’s lives right now. God gifts this group of nuns with the power to turn pennies, literally, into life for a 100 handicapped children that are in wheelchairs in their school called Alegria Del Senor (Joy of the Lord). I have visited and worked there on my missionary trips to Peru. These nuns ride on a riggety type school bus on rough, horrible, and bumpy roads for 9 hours to then be left off and they have to walk the rest of the way to remote villages like Ayacucho and Cusco up in the Andes Mountains to visit the very poor people who live on the sides of the mountains and have little to eat. These nuns bring the Word of God to feed their spiritual beings. And for these poor people are so grateful. To feed themselves these people boil corn husks to make a soup from what lies within the husk for some flavoring. These women are selfless big time Prayer Warriors and so tough they make us look like toddlers in our faith journey’s. They are unstoppable! And Jasmine and you, my son, are on their lips and in their hearts, as well as your unborn child, Jack, and Annie as they ALL pray to our God on your behalf. The root word for momentum is…Moment. God has created and put together ALL these supporters and hits on this blog site for all of us to SEE “God Moment’s.” And all of us together we all join as many parts but ONE body, the Body of Christ. And together, not alone, we ALL humbly ask for God’s Grace and healing hands for Jasmine. As in the movie Rocky Balboa, Rocky tells his son, “It’s NOT in how hard you get hit, but in being able to get back up.” And that’s where we all are right now with you and yours, helping you to “get back up” with our love and prayers to our loving God. I love you bunches! Sondra (Jeff’s Mom)

  7. I laughed and cried when I read this update! But, mainly, I just feel God being glorified in all that you two say and do during this difficult time. Love you and am praying (also my Bible Study group) for you! Marla

  8. This update made my heart smile:) As you might know, I lost my mom 11 years ago this Thanksgiving Day. I empathize with not only you, but everyone around you. Your faith and spirit are an inspiration to so many around you. I pray for peace that passes understanding in the days ahead. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. Jeff and Jasmin,
    What a blessing you are for one another. You are in our continuous prayers. Wayne and I are asking GOD for a miraculous, total healing, and for the birth of a perfect baby girl. Peace and HIS blessings for all of you!
    The Riders

  10. On my knees for you Jaz and your fam! Jeff, what a blessing your posts have been. I know we are supposed go be the ones encouraging you all, but I am overwhelmed each time I read your words and they take me right to the throne of our KING. I count it an honor and privilege to lift each of you to HIM!!!! And you bet, I have on my fighting princess warrior armor praying boldly over you, sister! I love you!!!! This morning He gave me this passage to pray over you…. 2 Sam. 22. Here is just a portion…… “For who is GOD besides our LORD? And who is a rock besides our GOD? GOD is my strong fortress; and He sets the blamless in HIS way. HE makes my feet like hinds feet, and HE sets me on my high places. ………..The LORD lives,and blessed be my rock; and exalted be GOD, the rock of my salvation.”

    I love you girlfriend!

  11. Praying every day…looks like a turnaround is quite possibly God’s plan! “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” God’s helping Jasmin find that rest that she needs, find that confidence, find that love from family and friends, find that healing! God is so good. Love from Rineyville.

  12. Jeff,

    I enjoy your blog but it makes me cry…

    You are all in our prayers… Tina

    1 Thessalonians Chapter Five
    16: Rejoice evermore. 17: Pray without ceasing. 18: In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

  13. Jasmin, you are as beautiful today as you were the first time we saw you at the Kahlig reunion so many years ago! God bless you. On a funny note, Jeff, you kind of look like Michael Buble meets Austria, (Grandma Kahlig would be so proud). Love him and love you too. Yall take care, keep smiling and trust that this all will make you stronger. …..Tanya Hoelscher

  14. Again, you both never cease to amaze me!
    you are doing exactly what God intended, you are giving Him such glory!
    you have so many supporters, what a blessing for all.
    The prayers just keep coming, and Jasmin, I love you dearly!

  15. Jeff and Jasmin, thank you for these posts and keeping us updated on how everything is going. We are continuing to pray daily, sometimes hourly. It really helps when you call out the things to pray for it will help to focus on the things that you guys need prayer for most. If the Wissing’s in Cypress can help in any way, shape or form, please let us know. Prayer is a given, but we can do more.. Love you guys…

  16. Joyfully praising a grace-filled, faithful Father, and prayerfully thinking of each of you. Happy Anniversary and blessings of many more!

  17. As said in previous notes from ya’ll, you are in our prayers so much. I just reached 2 free years from God from my cancer and I pass that onto you a million times. God bless you all and keep us informed from the precious prayers and thoughts from everyone.

  18. Hey Jasmin! I went to NBCA a grade below you! Our mutual friend Krystal told me. I want you to know I am and will be praying for you and your family!

    • Happy anniversary, Jaz and Jeff! This is sure to be a memorable celebration! Thoughts and prayers are with you, from all of us in Louisville! Love, “Great”-Aunt Anne

  19. Thanks for sharing this amazing update. Jasmin I think about you everyday and I too am a snowflake in your avalanche of prayer.
    Happy Anniversary :)


  20. Jeff your post really are inspirational. God has blessed you with an amazing strength. Continued prayers! Happy Anniversary!

  21. Jeff and Jasmin,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I know you have another treatment coming up and as before, I pray the Lord will go before you and protect your baby girl and you from any side effects or harm and the only harm will be toward that tumor. That it will shrink away and be gone forever. Thank you for letting us know the details of all your other prayer requests as we are lifting those up to the Lord as well. We will miss you all at Thanksgiving, but are sooooo thankful for both of you and your children. You are a blessing to us all and we love you with all our hearts. I Praise God for all 5 of you. All my love and prayers,

  22. I’ve never met anyone with as much momentum as you Jasmin. You continue to see the light each and every day. You truly are amazing. Continuing to pray for you and so happy to see your smiles.

  23. Sending you light and love my dear, Jas. I adore you sweet, Mama. You have been so amazing all these years. Always listening and always encouraging. That’s like ten years of listening to my craziness;)! Love you and I will continue praying. Praying real hard. You call if you need anything and I’ll come a running. You got this…Sarah, Kurt, Finny and The Ketchum’s

  24. Just wanted to let you know we are still thinking and praying every night for you Jaz! My kiddos take turns praying and they always say “and help mommy’s hair lady heal fast from her cancer.” :) The Hutzler’s