Keep Your Eye On The Ball

In just about any sport a child participates in that involves the use of a ball, you most undoubtedly will hear the old cliche, “keep your eye on the ball”.

Today, Jasmin and I were reminded to do just that. In this case, that ball is Jesus. Sometimes, our minds tend to wonder, we let life get too complex and we get away from the “fundamentals”. In these times, I try to remind myself to keep my eye on the ball.

Jasmin and I had the wonderful good fortune to eat dinner with some dear friends who are also our brothers and sisters in Christ. We ate, had fellowship, and concluded with an awesome prayer session where we poured out our hearts to God. A statement was made that goes something like this. . . ” how often (if ever) do we get together for dinner and then proceed to cry out to God in humility and adoration?” The answer to that question was saddening. However, it was so comforting to get back to the “fundamentals” with our Lord.

This morning, Jasmin headed over to Felger and Friends to allow her sister Joy to cut off her hair. Joy is a budding hair stylist and I guess Jasmin figured, “how bad can she mess it up?” Just kidding Joy (kind of). Anyhow, Jasmin lost about a foot of hair today in anticipation of the inevitable side effects of the type of chemo treatments that are upcoming.

She looks just like the day we met. How I pulled it off 8 years ago. . . let’s just say that God is good.

This afternoon, we got to say hi to our little bean that is growing in “mommy’s tummy”. I included a pic of our little girl. They had a 4d machine but those pics just weird me out so here is a more traditional one.

The doctor took a look at her and said that all looks well and the all systems appear to be in good working order. Praise God for such a great report! Thank you Jesus.

During this exam, we receive further confirmation about the overall safety of the baby during the proposed chemotherapy treatment. The doctor appeared confident that the chemo will not place the baby in any significant danger or harm. She said there is a lot of research and data supporting this treatment option.

This was the last piece of the puzzle for our Monday morning kickoff with the three chemo drugs Jasmin will be taking: 5FU, Adriamycin, and Cytoxan. Please pray that these drugs will kick the cancer in the teeth while not inflicting harm to Jasmin or the baby.

And lastly, tomorrow we meet with one last oncologist for a third opinion and then things will be as calm as can be expected until Monday AM.

Thank you for all the well wishes. They make Jasmin smile and it is encouraging to see how this event has affected so many lives.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Colossians 1:16

16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.

18 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye On The Ball

  1. I will never forget going camping and seeIng you (Jeff) pull out your Bible and read that evening. Why it takes troubled times to drop everything, pull together and pray, I don’t know, but aren’t we glad that we are close enough to Him to do so then? You have always been a Godly example to me and I know that Jasmin, you are blessed to have Jeff by your side for this battle as well as Christ. Know, that while we are not near in body, we will be in spirit. We have added Jasmin and your baby anf family to nightly prayers with Lena Kate. I quote her, “help jasmin feel better and her baby to be well.”. We love y’all and will be praying for you at home and at church here in Mathis. What an inspiration you already are. God is sure using you, Jasmin, although darkness may surround you at times, you are a light!!! Try to enjoy this weekend and some pickles. I will have to set aside a jar of our homemade pickled okra for you!

    • Jeff, you are exactally right this event has changed lives . We love to hear that Jasmin is smiling . Jeremy and I also love you guys so much . We are cheering on the side lines for you Jasmin ! You have blessed Our families life in so many ways . We love you and pray you get some good sleep tonight .

  2. I read this post this morning and then read it to greg while he got ready. Tears flowed down my face as I read the words aloud. We are on our knees in prayer for you. ALL of you.
    Deut 1:30 says “The Lord your God who goes before you will himself fight for you”

  3. AWWWW! You look like me now! The question is do you have that one area that wants to kick out and not lay right? If you do, I can’t help you!!! Kicking out or not, I bet it looks fabulous!

    Trying to figure out the best time of day to read these posts. I too am having a hard time reading them. Jeff is doing maybe too good of a job on details. Hang in there and try to enjoy this weekend before your big day. Thinking of you constantly. Hugs……

  4. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily Jasmin. We wish we could do more to help from afar but we are watching the blog and sending hope your way. Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends and I’m sure that Monday will go just fine. We love you & are looking forward to seeing everyone at Thanksgiving. Erin, Josh & Will

  5. “For if you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me. For I ALONE know the plans that I have for you, plans of great hope, not despair.” Jeremiah 29:11-13. Jasmin, I just found out yesterday about this situation. First of all, just being in shock I cried most of the day, for you, for Jeff, for Jack, for Annie, and for the new Baby Kahlig. As this all was finally settling with me more by bedtime, I started thinking about how as a Mother one of our dreams for our babies in life is for them to grow up healthy and happy and only God alone knows the plans for their mere existence. They are only “on loan” to us. I was thanking God that “you” came into my son’s life and have partnered up with him in life in such a way that you have been such a good woman, a good wife, and a great Mother. That is a Mother’s prayer for her child always for them to find true love and happiness in life and most importantly continue to love our God and honor Him in all things. This “bump in the road” is YOUR greatest testament and opportunity to honor and trust in Him. The stakes are very high but He knows your love for Him and the abilities and resources of your heart as well. God alone chooses “His Warriors” on this earth to battle for Him and to profess to others by their own personal journey’s that He is REAL and He is ALIVE, now, today, here on this earth. As a Spiritual Director, I have many prayer groups I am associated with and I just want you and Jeff to know they will all be praying for your entire family, and most especially for courage for you as you put on God’s Armor on Monday to begin your battle full time. Thank you for my grandchildren, thank you for loving my son with all your being and trying to help him attain his heavenly reward one day, and thank you for just being “Jasmin” with or without hair you are one of God’s brightest STARS! I Love You…Sondra

  6. Jeff and Jasmin,
    I am so relived to hear the baby is doing well and also to hear that you all seemed prepared for this battle. I know GOD is on your side and is there for you all every step of the way. I haven’t stopped thinking of you Jasmin since I found out and I pray for you and your family every day. You are a strong woman and you have GOD and love and support on your side. You and your family will come through this shining on the other side. Until then, we will all be here supporting you along the way!


  7. Nice cut there, Miss NĂºmero UNO Balloon Trainer! Thinking of you.

    “it’s the eye of the tiger
    It’s the thrill of the fight
    Rising’ up to the challenge of our Rival…”

    Go get ‘em, cuz. This thing has NO idea who it’s messin with

  8. Jasmin and Jeff,
    Just read this – stopped to pray – and I’m still shaking with disbelief. Thanks be to God for your strong faith in HIM, your love of each other, your strong family ties, and your gazillion friends. I’m confident you will overcome this, and I’m committed to continual prayers for your well-being.

    Jeff, I’ve been a “Jasmin-fan” since meeting her; although I’ve never met you, after reading this, I have great admiration for you and your faith…now I’m a “Jeff-fan” too! It’s a comfort to know that Jasmin has the BEST by her side. And, thank you for informing us so we can all pray.

    What about “Joy” for your new little girl’s name … a symbol of your and Jasmin’s life together and what this new little girl will bring to your family.

    May God Bless All of You. Bitsy

  9. Jasmin, you are in our daily thoughts and prayers. You are a strong, determined young woman. You have the strength of God, your family, and friends to help pull you through this difficult time. We will continue to pray for you and your family. God will heal.

  10. So, how did the hair turn out?
    Jasmin, love you! Love getting to see your precious baby girl growing strong.
    Jeff, thank you so much for taking the time to do this and update us. I appreciate it so much. Your family is on our hearts and in our prayers.
    ALL things work for HIS glory!

  11. I hope you get some great family time this weekend. I know it seems like time is standing still right now, but God is busy working. I miss you so very much.

  12. Jasmin,
    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this battle. I will pray for complete healing and comfort during this time. May God continue to wrap his love around you and your family.


  13. Dear Jasmin

    I hate to hear about anyone who has to fight the battle you and your family face.
    I know as a family member and the caretaker what a hard road this is remember to put your faith in God even though the devil will test you many times in this journey God will always be there. take the time to enjoy life at every second of everyday. As you know my mom was a fighter of this and this there is no timeline but God’s time he will give you what you need every step of the way. I tell you this to help you fight mom lasted days were a picture of heaven to show those of us left behind that cancer does not win at any point in the game. you have a tough game to play but with God, family, friends you will win this fight. God be with you and your family and our prayers are with you

  14. Jasmin,

    Your strength, courage and faith in the face of this adversity will win the day. The good Lord will keep you in His loving arms. And we will continue to keep you in our prayers. Sending you and the family all our love.


  15. “Friends are a lifetime of shared experiences and memories” With this blog, so many friends will share with you to keep you focused on the long haul…the ultimate goal…God’s plan. Stay true to Him even when understanding is very hard…God knows what He is doing. Praise the Trinity within you – the Author of peace, the Prince of peace, and the Spirit whose fruit is peace within you. Psalm 138:7…”Though I walk in the midst of dangers, you guard my life when my enemies rage. You stretch out your hand; your right hand saves me.”

    Much love and peace to you.

  16. Jasmin

    I wish you the best that God has planned for you. Though it has been several years since we have seen each other, I still think of you and your siblings often – and obviously the entire Family unit. I love bragging and sharing about my family in Texas. Take care and keep your strong faith which will assist you in getting through this next adventure in life.

    Love ya,
    Jay Wissing